Hospital Bed Management

Optimize healthcare capacity management with real time insights to the location, condition, and availability of hospital beds.

AiRISTA Sofia software platform with Bed Management provides an easy-to-use view of the location, condition, and availability of hospital beds. A notification at the moment a discharged patient leaves the room, directs environmental services to the clean the room and alert when completed to make the bed available again.

Optimizing Hospital Bed

Whether its long patient wait times to be boarded or lack of visibility to the location of specific beds, healthcare facilities often face bed management issues that impact only patient satisfaction, but also patient care.

At the same time, delays in bed availability decrease facility efficiency and patient satisfaction, resulting in poor HCAHPS scores.

To adjust to surges, effectively allocate resources, and avoid low patient satisfaction that could impact HCAHPS reimbursements, hospitals need a complete view to the location, condition, and availability of hospital beds.

AiRISTA is a leader in real time location system (RTLS) solutions specially designed for optimizing bed management. Our innovative Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) tag technology allows your healthcare facility to not only track the location of beds, but triggers workflows to turn beds and indicate when a room is ready for the next patient.

With Sofia, AiRISTA’s RTLS platform, healthcare providers gain a detailed view of location, condition, and availability of hospital beds to increase patient throughput and improve hospital capacity management.

RLS Tags for Bed Management Support Wi-Fi and BLE

AiRISTA asset tags and personnel tags are used to orchestrate events associated with hospital beds and the cleaning process. Multi-button asset tags are associated with each bed. Each button is software programmable to indicate events like a patient physically leaving the room on discharge. Users of the Sofia RTLS software platform create rules to notify the appropriate team to begin cleaning. Notification is delivered in a variety of ways including a message to the display of the personnel tag.

Once cleaning is complete, the staff presses the second button to indicate the room is available for a new patient. The bed is then identified as available in the AiRISTA Bed Management module.

AiRISTA offers a variety of one button and two button tags as well a variety of personnel tags to suit the customer’s workflows and price points.

AiRISTA’s Tags for Hospital Bed Management

AiRISTA offers a robust suite of low-cost BLE and Wi-Fi tags that are reusable, with batteries that can last for years. Here are a few of our innovative tags used for bed management:

2-Button Asset Tag (A4)

The 2-button asset tag support both Wi-Fi and BLE technologies. The software programmable buttons can be configured to send notification of events like cleaning a bed or making a clean bed available for the next patient.

BLE Asset Tag (A1)

The 1-button A1 tag is a low-cost BLE tag. The software programmable button can be configured to send notification of events like cleaning a bed or making a clean bed available for the next patient. Button presses can be distinguished by short vs. long presses.

Advanced Display Personnel (B4n)

The B4n badge tag can generate alerts in response to dangerous or duress events to improve staff safety.

A1 BLE wrist strap/fob

The A1 BLE tag is a low cost staff tag with LED and optional accelerometer for motion sensing.

Sofia – AiRISTA’s RTLS Hospital Bed Management Solution

Sofia is AiRISTA’s RTLS software platform for healthcare organizations. Delivered on-premises or from the cloud, sofia unlocks real-time insights into the location, condition, and availability of hospital beds, improving capacity management across the entire facility. Using sofia and AiRISTA’s BLE and Wi-Fi tags, healthcare providers can:

  • Instantly locate specialty beds or beds that no longer in the department.
  • Alert staff to the departure of a patient from the room on discharge.
  • Reduce the time it takes after discharge to clean a bed and return it as available.
  • Automate alerts for excessive delays or bottlenecks.
  • Notify when a bed should be taken out of service for maintenance.
  • Find in real time beds that need to be rounded up for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

With this bird’s eye view of bed location and status, hospital staff have new flexibility to manage fluctuations in patient levels and locate specific beds in the moment.

Minimize Delays When Turning Around Patient Rooms

Patient records indicate a patient will be discharged today. Without visibility to the time the patient actually vacates the room, the room remains empty and in need of cleaning.

Meanwhile, wait times are increasing for patients to be boarded. Delays in patient boarding have a direct correlation to patient outcomes. By using the AiRISTA Bed Management solution, healthcare providers are able turn around rooms faster to make them available to new patients sooner. This improves patient throughput and system capacity.

Efficient workflows compress start an completion times for cleaning beds

A large university health system uses “runners” to wander hospital halls to record on paper rooms that are occupied and those that are available. The system is inefficient and prone to error.

Using the AiRSITA A4 2-button asset tag, environmental services is notified the moment a discharged patient leaves the room. Cleaning begins and once complete, the second button is pushed to indicate that the room is available for the next patient.

The A4 2-button asset tag also fully integrates with the Sofia healthcare system to send messages to the appropriate teams for timely response using the message display of AiRISTA personnel badges.

Locating beds for maintenance and repair

A clinician is having mechanical problems with a bariatric bed. The bed must be taken out of service and a service ticket created.

Using buttons on the bed’s A4 tag, the clinician is able to trigger the workflow associated with the process. The clinical engineering team is notified and creation of a service ticket is automated. The bed’s asset ID and current location are added to the ticket. The bed is marked as out of service in the AiRISTA Bed Management module, and the repair process is scheduled.

Through interactions with AiRISTA’s A4 tag, along sofia’s Flow Studio integration environment, creation of the service ticket is automated and the repair process is kicked off immediately. Once repaired, the bed is returned to service and the bed status appears correctly in the Bed Management module.

AiRISTA – RTLS Experts in Hospital Bed Management

With over a decade of industry experience, AiRISTA is the leading provider of RTLS tracking software and equipment. We have the tools, tags and expertise necessary to help your healthcare facility achieve its bed management goals.


  • Management Platform: AiRISTA sofia
  • Infrastructure: Existing WiFi infrastructure
  • Asset RTLS Tags: AiRISTA A4 2-button WiFi/BLE Tag, A1 asset tag, B4n WiFi/BLE Staff Tag
  • Integrations: HL-7
  • Deployment time: Days, not weeks.

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